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Restored and rewired condition with some chrome pitting but pretty none-the-less. This waffle iron was made  in 1939 and one of their first with a control thermostat. The model type was made from 30's to the 50's (not during the war).  Holds its temperature very nicely. This is a very, very well constructed iron as were all Manning Bowman products.  A built in tray to catch overflows.

Very hard to find one in this condition, they were used a lot.  No coating on the plates, pure cast hard aluminum. It makes a beautiful waffle about 1/4 inch deep and 4 1/2 x 5 inches. Perfect toaster size.

"Bake" on the indicators (a needle moves to tell you what the temperature is) varies by side but runs 350 degrees at "BAKE" to 415 at the top end. I recalibrated the thermostat so it runs from 270 degrees f to 4120 degrees F. The heaters are held completely with ceramic and there is extra metal insulation and ceramic insulation. All new wires, SS screws and cleaned like new.

Off white "Catalin" handles which were just coming into vogue in early 40s.  A real honey of an iron, well engineered and well made.




Plates (Irons): Uncoated Plates
Thermostats: With Thermostat
Cord: Separate cord
Cord Style/Type: 3 ffot new


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