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Late 1930s and Westinghouse was way ahead of the times with this really lovely style waffle iron with a thermostat (one of the first) which they made in their brand new plant in Mansfield, Ohio. Great heaters and wiring lets it cook really well and safe.  Just as appropriate today as back then.  Extremely sophisticated and sensitive thermostat and a ruby red crystal (Made in Czechoslovakia)  that glows when the heaters are on.  They did not skimp on the internals either, very well made, easy to use. Plates are hardened aluminum that heat nicely and hold heat perfect. Walnut handles protect you from burns and will not break easily. The wide drip tray catches drips and is attached with a wingnut so you can take it off for easier cleaning. Very simple. 

Makes a 7 inch waffle, 1/4 inch top/bottom. Thermostat control is Light , Med and Dark (no "OFF").  It runs from 349 to 530 degrees F.

Standard 1/2 inch C-C cord set (I include a new one).

Very, very nice iron which looks good and bakes perfect.

Plates (Irons): Uncoated Plates
Thermostats: With Thermostat
Cord: Separate cord
Cord Style/Type: 3 foot new


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