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The place to find refurbished vintage coffee percolators, refurbished vintage toasters and refurbished vintage waffle irons all MADE IN THE USA.

Be Greener!! Percolators require no filters and no throw away plastic.

All items fully restored by me, by hand, mint or near mint and in FULL working order. Complete instructions with every item. 

 Like buying from the factory from 1920's to 1980's.

  Take a look, HAVE FUN! These are great gifts!!

 Every piece is taken apart, thoroughly cleaned, re-wired with non-asbestos wiring, re-calibrated and thoroughly tested. Always back to factory specs or better.  NOTE: ALL vacuum syphon pots have new or refurbished pliable safe gaskets.

All are 110 - 120 volt electric except those in the non-electric category.

Thanks for looking!!  Search above for what you are looking for or just browse through time or categories.

A note on reviews: We receive many great reviews but these are mostly one of a kind, I put the reviews and emails in the feedback page above.

Here are a couple (recent) :


3/24/2021: Restored Waffle Iron:

Hi Frank,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending this email to you; I had held off opening the box as I wanted to do a Facebook “Live” unboxing for my private group of clients/followers  (I am a Declutter Coach & Professional Organizer) - I shared the story of my waffle iron and it felt right sharing the unboxing with them.
I am over-the-moon delighted with how beautiful my waffle iron looks; I can’t stop admiring it!  I had toyed with the idea of tossing it but I couldn’t.  I am so very grateful for finding you on google as well as for the ongoing communication from you - from receipt at your shop, to the repair, to the shipment, and finally to its arrival on my doorstep.  Your service didn’t meet but exceeded my expectations.

3/5/21: Repaired/Restored Waffle Iron:


The waffle iron arrived yesterday, and I am absolutely bowled over by the wonderful job you did. It looks like new. I could not be happier. You do amazing work. 
Can’t wait for my first batch of waffles this weekend. And I promise to go easier on the grease in the future.
Thanks again.   Lee

2/6/2021: Repaired T20 Toaster:

Frank, the toaster arrived today. It is shiny and toasts beautifully.   Thanks!  Jon

1/19/2021: Repaired Waffle Iron:


Hi Frank,

It arrived in good shape with no damage. It looks awesome and I appreciate the temperature information. We’ll find the right setting, which I think should be around 350 and just leave it set at that spot. Thanks again, you’re a miracle worker. I sent a picture to my sister and she couldn’t believe it. Dave



Just wanted to say thanks. I received the parts and was able to properly repair the coffee maker. Works perfectly. Thanks John Becker

9/14/2020: Excellent coffee  Farberware

This percolator is making amazing coffee every morning! It came extremely well packed and even had directions. It was pristine inside and out. Wonderful transaction, Frank replied to all the emails very promptly. I'm so glad I found this percolator and don't have to worry about buying another one in a year. This will last a long time. Thank you so much and God Bless, Kim

10/13/2020   Makes Coffee Taste Better!

Dormeyer Percolator
I needed to replace a percolator we had for about 6 years. And bought this one. We love the coffee it makes. And it adds real beauty and ceremony to the Kitchen. It's fun when friends come over...especially younger generations....and they don't even know what it is. It arrived just before we left for a Tin Car Tourists Rally in Destin, FL We took it...and it fit right in with all the Vintage Campers. It was admired by many. A few ooohs and ahhs. In summary... 1) It's gorgeous...a real work of art 2) Brews coffee that tastes so good. 3) The extra instructions... How to make coffee, How to use a percolator correctly.. .How and how often to clean it... How to keep the coffee fresh ..don't let coffee sit for more than a few minutes...pour it into a thermos...was perfect. My wife gets up about two hours before I do...and now she can brew it and keep the fresh brewed flavor. 4) $100 was an excellent price... Quality...Dependability...Beauty...Knowing it had been serviced and would be supported..And supporting the work of a craftsman. Now I refer people to here...and know where to get a present for my special friends who will appreciate it. If you're hunting...I would suggest just go ahead and stop right now...and buy what you love. John Shoemaker


Restored waffle iron:

Received the waffle iron and my wife is thrilled had waffles for dinner tonight worked flawlessly thank you again!!!  Amazing!!

Farberware Percolator:

It's been so many years since I've been able to purchase an American made Farberware percolator which lasted me for 30 years! Since they've been made in China and Mexico the quality is poor and the taste is so disappointing! I was excited when I saw I was able to buy a refurbished American Farberware Coffee Pot and didn't hesitate! I AM THRILLED WITH IT! The coffee tastes so much better and the quality is what I remember it used to be like! You're very good at making such high quality products and I know people who have my coffee will be asking me how I make my coffee like they used to! KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK, FRANK!

Flav o matic Percolator:

Wow! What a gorgeous percolator! I have had many vintage ones in my lifetime but this is the best. Beautiful inside and out, even came with instructions. I am overjoyed, this seller goes to the top of my watch list.
The percolator arrived in excellent condition and OMG makes great coffee! When we ordered this, it was because we wanted a coffee maker for our camper trailer. Since what's currently available is the crap (pardon my french) made in China, I researched what was available that was American made, and discovered you via a Google search. If you'll recommend a model in a similar price range that performs as well as what we ordered, I'll order it as a household model. Thank you for doing what you do. Having known people over the years that fixed stuff, I have always felt guilty about the trend towards a disposable goods society.
Best regards,  Mike

Title: GrantMaid Automatic Toaster

Words cannot express how happy we are with this toaster.  It is in beautiful condition, works perfectly, and is safe thanks to Frank's good work.  I never imagined it would be so difficult to find a decent toaster, but this fits the bill. It is sturdy and solid, chrome, simple to use, and toasts evenly no matter which bread we select along with adjustments to refine that if necessary.  Frank packed this extremely well with fast delivery and excellent communication.  We will likely be return customers and definitely will recommend to everyone. Thank you, Frank, for your professionalism, quality service, and top notch product!
Patty and Tony

Title: Sunbeam 4 X 4 CG Waffle Iron and Griddle Coated
Another excellent restoration by Frank. Finish is brilliant, plates scratch free, well protected during shipping. QUICK arrival. This is The go-to guy. And a very happy wife with the 1B14 toaster, and now the Sunbeam waffle iron..Life is Good.

GE 10 Cup Oval SS Coffee Percolator:

Frank did a wonderful job restoring this 36yrs. old USA made GE Percolator. The Percolator make delicious coffee, and is a beautiful applance sitting on my kitchen counter. This appliance, has now become a conversation piece with my friends and family. My friends, all want to know where I bought this Percolator, and after tasting the coffee it makes, wants to buy one! Thanks Frank, Kevin Reid

For a S.W. Farber Model 134:

Title: Perfect Gift

Just purchased this beauty as a Christmas gift for my mother. This is the second percolator I have purchased from Kitchenmade, and I couldn't be happier with both products. There really isn't anything on the market today that can make a cup of joe like the older percolators. Constructed to last, pretty to look at and made in the USA! Edit

5/25/2011 Title: Love the Pot, Love KitchenMade, USA!
I have been a long time percolator user - I've recently had to replace my 'new' percolator three times over the years for the same problem over and over. I've spent well over $150 dollars on new percolators. I haven't had this pot for long yet, but I couldn't be happier. The coffee is piping hot, but not burnt. The filter basket is very generously wide so getting the grounds from my grinder is a snap. The pot is a priceless example of Jetson's era space age style, and is gorgeous on your modern granite counter tops. It arrived in like new condition, very carefully packaged so it wasn't damaged in shipping. It was honestly the work of someone who cares about what he does and the service he provides. I wouldn't have known it was a 50 year old percolator if it wasn't what I had wanted. It was shipped quickly and Frank did a great job of keeping me updated and following up after I got the pot to make sure I was satisfied. I know this probably sounds like an overly gushing review, but I honestly cannot say enough good things. I wish there were more vendors doing quality work with quality products like this one. I'm glad I have the internet to connect people like me with businesses like this. Thanks, Frank! Stacy


11/28/2018: Title: Over 7 years later

and I could not be happier with this pot. I submitted the above review and in this time I've not had one issue with the percolator. You won't go wrong purchasing one of these from KitchenMade! Stacy




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