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A real vintage 1930s toaster from Dominion, made in Mansfield Ohio. This would have been their attempt at a mid market model that does not "pop" up making it a little cheaper to make and sell. You bring the toast up yourself with a handle. The heaters shut off using a clockworks mechanism that you set to light, medium or dark. When you do this, the heaters are turned on and the timer counts down. When the time is up, the heaters are shut off and a bell is rung to let you know its done! (The bell mechanism doesn't ring all the time, but the heat is always shut off). You then lift the handle and remove your toast! Warning: This had no reflectors or other means to balance the heat so one side of the toast is always darker than the other.  It also must be turned upside down to get rid of crumbs, no easily accessible crumb tray.

A little decoration on each side sort of like a rocket blast or something. Impressed into the metal.

Its chrome covered steel and the heaters are wired through a ceramic piece. Fairly simple but effective design.

Its re-wired and re-set ready to go!

Outer Body Material: Chromed Copper
Controls: Timer
Lowering action: Manual up. It is always down heat shuts off.


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