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This was the answer to automatic vacuum coffee brewing and styled for the future in 1938.   It is so well made it goes with any decor. Makes a fantastic cup of coffee too!
Refurbished, re-set controls , better than new, with new easy use gaskets and modern cord.
This is the most wonderfully made coffee maker. Sturdy, beautiful and well put together.

The C20B was the 2nd rendition of the C20 model "double bubble" built by Sunbeam in the 30's. This one was made in 1940 and features a chromed lid and original cloth filter, no throw away paper although you can use paper filters with this unit. I am giving you paper filters along with the cloth filter.  Just clean it well between pots and it lasts forever. I give you full instructions.

It was designed by Alphonso Ianelli who Chicago Flexible Shaft hired to make their products more desirable to the home-maker.  What a beautiful art deco form follows function pot!!! The original "Worlds Fair" Sunbeam logo.

Easy to clean, easy to use. It is a 8 cup model. Water reaches 208 degrees F and creates enough steam to push the water up the tube to the brew chamber. It roils the brew while steam comes up then after a minute or so the thermostat kicks to low heat. When the bottom cools sufficiently, it forms a vacuum sucking the coffee back down into the pot. Simple and effective. The secondary thermostat keeps it hot for serving. It is the ONLY pot ever made with a secondary thermostat to keep the coffee at perfect serving  temperature. It is a quite beautiful, well designed pot that will last a lifetime.

This has brand new silicone gaskets which will never harden and never stick. Thermostats are re-set to factory specs and the whole thing re-conditioned to brand new like condition.  Electrically all cleaned up and it is ready to make coffee the rest of your life!! Just take care of it and I will tell you how and send everything you need to keep it clean and useful.


Type : Automatic
Top Chamber Materials: Chrome / Copper
Bottom Chamber: Chrome Copper
Filter Type: NA
Lid Material: Chromed
Seal Material: Food Grade Silicone


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