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Model 2C1 by Waters Genter Co. as a “Toastmaster” product was introduced in 1929 and was in production until 1935 when it was replaced with a thermostatic controlled unit. The 2C1 uses a timer which when activated cuts in higher wattage heaters to the plates. When the slide is moved left it winds the timer, engages a switch and is caught in a notch until a bimetal heat activated bar inside pushes it down to let the timer start to run. When the timer stops or the latch is moved all the way to the right, it cuts off the high heat, and low heat is left on so it keeps the plates pretty warm but doesn’t over heat them. If the heaters are warm enough to cook, the slide will not go in the notch and just starts timing immediately.

The light is always on when plugged in, just to remind you its on. There is a very slight dimming in low heat mode but its too subtle to even notice.

Cast aluminum waffle face. Makes a 7 inch waffle.  Gleaming Chrome although a few scratches on top.  Very well made. No Teflon. Completely cleaned and re-wired.  This is a very well made iron. It will come with all instructions for use and keeping the plates seasoned.  It will work for years. The cord is 6 foot  and new.

Plates (Irons): Uncoated Plates
Thermostats: No Thermostat
Cord: Attached cord
Cord Style/Type: New Cord


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