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Exceptionally well made percolator from Dormeyer, Chicago. They made some really nice pieces in the 1950's and this is one. They are noted more for the "Golden Goddess" percolator but this percolator is actually better than the more famous sister. It has a switch to start perk or just warm it up. The adjuster is for strong to mild and when it is done perking, the light comes on and the switch automatically goes to "warm". NOTE: I had to ream out the pour spout on this one so I put a little "owie" on the spout. It hardly shows, and will not discolor, but its there. See the picture.

The glass perk top is one of the prettiest ever made. It is only 450 watts but the perk system starts perking very quickly and will perk a full pot in 14 to 18 minutes depending on the brew setting. Comes with new 3 foot cord, all instructions and a cleaning brush. It is 10 1/2" tall, 10" spout to handle and 5" diameter at top.  Copper construction, chromed outside and nickel inside. Perk parts )stem, basket and diffusers) are aluminum.

Interior Body Material: Chromed Copper
Type: Electric Automatic
Basket Material: Aluminum
Other Contact Materials: Glass


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by John Shoemaker
on 10/13/2020
Makes Coffee Taste Better!
I needed to replace a percolator we had for about 6 years. And bought this one. We love the coffee it makes. And it adds real beauty and ceremony to the Kitchen. It's fun when friends come over...especially younger generations....and they don't even know what it is. It arrived just before we left for a Tin Car Tourists Rally in Destin, FL We took it...and it fit right in with all the Vintage Campers. It was admired by many. A few ooohs and ahhs. In summary... 1) It's gorgeous...a real work of art 2) Brews coffee that tastes so good. 3) The extra instructions... How to make coffee, How to use a percolator correctly.. .How and how often to clean it... How to keep the coffee fresh ..don't let coffee sit for more than a few minutes...pour it into a thermos...was perfect. My wife gets up about two hours before I do...and now she can brew it and keep the fresh brewed flavor. 4) $100 was an excellent price... Quality...Dependability...Beauty...Knowing it had been serviced and would be supported..And supporting the work of a craftsman. Now I refer people to here...and know where to get a present for my special friends who will appreciate it. If you're hunting...I would suggest just go ahead and stop right now...and buy what you love.
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