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Super fast and super nice 1970's all stainless steel percolator made in Yonkers, NY by S.W. Farber (Div. of LCA for this pot). This particular pot was made between 1970 and 1975. 

Perks 2 -5 cups  ( will perk 30 ounces) and heavy duty. Perks at 1 minute per cup. Marked for water levels. 

Original Model 134 with  ceramic sleeve and clear OEM acrylic plastic perk top.  This plastic top is getting weak, so I am including a spare glass replacement with the purchase.

All controls re-done and cleaned to perfection. Ready to make delicious perked coffee!!

New Modern cord, instructions and a special cleaning brush comes with the purchase.

Interior Body Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Electric Automatic
Basket Material: SS
Other Contact Materials: Ceramic stem & plastic viewer


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by Gord
on 11/14/2012
Faberware Percolator Model 134
Within days my order arrived. It was carefully packed complete with instructions and cleaning brush. I have been using it for a little over a week now and am happy to say it works great. Prior to its arrival I used a Bunn machine and occasionally a French press. Either way I would typically make 24 ounces of coffee, about two good mugs, using 6 tablespoons of fresh ground beans. My vintage perk has a little more that 24 ounce capacity. My first pot was too strong based on using the same amounts. Tweaking subsequent pots got it down pat for my taste using just 4 tablespoons of ground beans. The coffee smells great, is Hot and tastes good again. My son says he likes it better and he is not a regular coffee drinker. I also like the fact the basket assembly is stainless steel, not aluminum and is very easy to clean. Nor do I need filters anymore, I dump the spent grinds into my garden. Overall a win-win. I would gladly recommend this little pot to anyone that yearns for a change and a decent cup of joe like our parents enjoyed. Oh, and I must also say it was a pleasure dealing with Frank !
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