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 This is one of Universal's premier pots from the 50's made even better by GE in the 1960s. (GE bought Landers, Frary and Clark). In excellent condition. It perks 4 to 10 cups of coffee and can be adjusted from mild to strong. This one adjusts from 175 to 199 degrees F. GE used their thermostat system and simplified the construction. They also chromed the interior and put in a tube for the water measurement.  They put Universal on the outside but on the bottom it says "by GE". This pot uses Universals pump system and it works great. Starts perking immediately and never "burns" the coffee.

A ready light illuminates when the perk is completed. All automatic, it shuts off then keeps the coffee at the perfect serving temperature as long as you want. Heavy duty chrome plated copper.  The pump, basket and diffuser are aluminum.  The spout is positioned just right so you don't pour any grounds that escaped the basket. The Universal logo is etched on both sides. Water levels are cut into inside where spout attaches and act as the pour opening. They are opposite the handle which makes for easy filling. A wonderful pot that will last a life time!

Interior Body Material: Chromed Copper
Type: Electric Automatic
Basket Material: Aluminum
Other Contact Materials: glass


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by Christopher
on 12/5/2011
Universal Coffeematic Percolator
In the 1950's the Universal Coffeematic was a "top of the line" percolator, something we could only wish that we could have. Now, due to the efforts of Frank Caldwell/KitchenmadeUSA, it's now making fantastic coffee again and making us very happy as well! The long forgotten era of "Made in the USA" quality has returned to our kitchen! I can't say enough how delighted we are! Thank you, Frank!
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